Gwen Markham announces campaign for Novi mayor!

Markham announces intent to challenge Mayor Gatt - Novi News, April 22, 2015

"Novi City Councilwoman Gwen Markham announced she’s running for Mayor of Novi yesterday.  “I am humbled by how many residents throughout the city have encouraged me to provide new leadership and bring people together to make our city better,” Markham said. “Today, I announce I am running for Mayor.”

MI House Rep. Jim Townsend introduces bill to create a graduated income tax

"LANSING – A new poll of active Michigan voters found widespread support of a graduated state income tax. The findings indicate that voters would likely support the efforts of Rep. Jim Townsend (D-Royal Oak), who has introduced House Bill 4341 and House Joint Resolution K, which would replace Michigan’s flat tax with a graduated income tax."

Michigan voters soundly reject Proposal 1 road tax plan

Michigan voters soundly reject Proposal 1 road tax plan

Detroit Free Press, May 6 Paul Egan, Kathy Gray, 

"LANSING — Proposal 1, likely one of the most complicated and confusing questions ever placed on a Michigan ballot, was soundly rejected Tuesday as many voters expressed anger at lawmakers and state government for failing to come up with a better solution to the sorry state of the roads.