About the OCDP

The Oakland County Democratic Party is a 527 organization whose mission is to promote social and economic justice by building an engaged, diverse, Democratic majority in Oakland County in order to enhance the quality of life for all.

Membership is open to all Oakland County residents who are eligible to vote.  Our Executive Committee meets the second Tuesday of each Month at 7:00 PM. Currently, meetings are held on zoom.  These meetings are free and open to the public. Please join us!

OCDP Officers

  • Nancy Quarles, Chair, Email
  • Carlos Cross, First Vice-Chair
  • Wanda Anderson, Vice-Chair
  • Ray Wert, Vice-Chair
  • Sharon Person, Vice-Chair
  • Kevin Hrit, Corresponding Secretary
  • Julia Galliker, Recording Secretary
  • Phillip Reid, Treasurer
  • Murray Gorchow, Parliamentarian


  • Brian Dunphy, 8th District Representative
  • Jenny Byer, 9th District Representative
  • Kent Douglas, 11th District Representative
  • Rosemerry Allen, 14th District Representative
  • Brittany Pinnock, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Debbie RosenmanOfficer-at-Large, Elected
  • Nancy Quarles, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Joseph Person, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Gloria Spann, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Vaughn Derderian, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Joanne Barnes, Officer-at-Large, Elected
  • Dana Fortier, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Tom Regan, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Jessica Lumbreras, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Regina Strong, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Dr. Melanie Hartman, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Francine Melotti, Officer-at-Large, Appointed
  • Immediate Past Chair, Vacant

OCDP Staff

Claudia Luckenbach-Boman, Director of Operations

OCDP Executive Committee

Click here for a full list of Executive Committee Members (2021-2022).

To read the OCDP Bylaws, visit this page.