OCDP Committees

According to the Oakland County Democratic bylaws we have several standing committees. If you are interested in getting involved with any of the committees please sign up HERE!

Committee Chairs, 2021-2022:

Communications - Barb Anness

Political Organizing - Debbie Rosenman, drosenman2@gmail.com

Rules & Bylaws - Kim Somsky

Finance - Dr. Theresa Brooks

Resolutions - Ravi Yalamanchi

Membership - Nancy Quarles

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Mikal Goodman, mikal.goodman7@gmail.com

Community Support - Lisa Kiefer, lkiefer99@gmail.com

Young Democrats - Katie Stozicki

Strategic Plan- Derryl Reed, derrylreed@ameritech.net

Recent committee accomplishments include: planning and development of an OCDP app, planning and staffing of the inaugural Top Golf fundraising event, staffing of an OCDP booth at Arts Beats and Eats in 2019, revision of the bylaws previously last revised in 2011, and development of a budget.