Remembering those who have bravely fought for us this Memorial Day


This Memorial Day, the Oakland County Democratic Party solemnly remembers and honors all the valiant men and women throughout the U.S. Armed Forces who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service to our country. We are also holding close the families who have personally suffered a loss we cannot even begin to imagine.

As President Lincoln would say in a letter of condolence to a grieving mother during the Civil War, "...I cannot refrain from tendering to you the consolation that may be found in the thanks of the Republic that they died to save. I leave you only with the cherished memory of the loved and lost and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom." 

While we know that Memorial Day honors those lost to war and conflict, our thoughts also turn to those who served and are struggling with the seen and unseen scars of battle.  These often-overlooked heroes need support for their physical and mental health wellness. We must act with a renewed sense of purpose toward ensuring access to quality health care for every serviceperson and every citizen.  

As Americans, let us join together this Memorial Day throughout Oakland County with a humble, renewed faith and reclaim what it means to be a true patriot through service, sacrifice, and caring for others in remembrance of those who've known this meaning all along.

"Who kept the faith and fought the fight; The glory theirs, the duty ours." - Wallace Bruce