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Thursday, November 19, 2020 - 7:00pm
Online, MI 00000

Troy Democratic Club Meeting

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Discuss the Election just past and the TDC Officer's Election coming in Jan 2021.
Join the Zoom meeting at

Congratulations to everyone and thank you for your hard work to ensure the Blue Wave of 2020!!!

Now it’s time to prepare for the Troy Dem Club (TDC) Officers Election coming up on January 28, 2021. Our club works best when everyone gets involved, so members with any amount of experience in the club – from old hands to brand newbies – are welcomed and encouraged to run for office. Love the club? Wish we did things differently? Become an officer to decide our future direction!

To run for office, and to vote, you need to have been a member of both the TDC and the Michigan Dem Party (MDP) for at least 30 days.

As of today, you may pay for a new TDC membership, or renew your current one, and that will carry over through December of 2021.

Pay for your TDC membership here:
Pay for your MDP membership here: (lasts for one year).
Why not do it today and be done with it?

There are nine officer positions. They are two-year terms. They meet once per month.
Chair – plans and runs meetings, including booking guests, and appoints committee chairs, also attends monthly MDP Chairs meetings
Vice Chair – runs meetings when chair is absent and follows the direction of the chair
The Chair and Vice Chair should be different genders, per club bylaws
Treasurer – keeps the club's financial records in good order
Corresponding Secretary -communicates from the executive committee to the membership and potential new members
Recording Secretary – records minutes at the executive board and membership meetings
Four Trustees – attend Executive Board meetings and each has a vote in the decision-making process
The four Trustees should be balanced by genders, per club bylaws

For more in-depth information about these positions, and to nominate yourself or someone else, please go to the form here:

Our Troy City Councilwoman, and former TDC Chair, Ann Erickson Gault is the Chair of the Nomination and Election Committee for the January election. If you would like to contact her about being on this committee, or have questions about the election, please contact her at

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