Songs for Kelly Breen & Julia Pulver

Friday, October 9, 2020 - 7:00pm
Online, MI 00000

Songs for Kelly Breen & Julia Pulver!

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What's so funny about peace, love and understanding? I will tell, you it's time to listen to some music. Get ready for equal parts wisdom & willful ignorance plus a dash of inane banter...And we'll definitely be chatting about how to make this place just a tad better.

Look here for a link at the time the show.

This show is to support Kelly Breen & Julia Pulver's campaigns for Michigan's House. Kelly is running for the 38th District (includes South Lyon, Lyon Township, Walled Lake, Novi, and upper Northville). Julia is running for the 39th District (includes Commerce Township, western West Bloomfield Township and Wixom). We will encourage new folks to get active in local elections. If you have a friend who complains about politics, here's a chance to get them involved. We will listen to some music, hear from Kelly and discuss definitive actions we can take.

You will have an opportunity to hear directly from a candidate who listens to voters.


The Scrappers are a rock'n'roll quartet from Detroit, sweetening their ragged-but-right roots with echoes of pedal steel from Laurel Canyon and harmonies that stick like the brotherly honey of the Everlys or the Burritos. Hooks that beg, borrow and steal.

Pete Kronowitt
If Steve Earle and Elvis Costello got pissed enough to write political tunes, they would sound like Pete Kronowitt songs. Pete writes songs with hooks, a dash of alt-country, a smidgen of something familiar yet new; catchy songs ranging from acoustic alternative pop and country to Indie with progressive lyrical phrasing but who likes being categorized? Pete founded Face the Music Collective, a guide for creative activists utilizing performances to inspire targeted individual action, one event at a time. With 5 albums to his credit, Pete Kronowitt combines performing and activism. Pete’s new album, Do Something Now, is targeted for a 2020 September release.

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