We are hiring! Join the OCDP as our Executive Director

The OCDP is looking for an Executive Director! Read the Job Description below.
To apply, email your resume, cover letter, and three references to Jody LaMacchia at chair@ocdp.org. Applications close on Friday, May 21, 2021 at 5 PM EST.

The Oakland County Democratic Party (OCDP) is Michigan’s premier Democratic Party organization; committed to electing Democrats to office as well as advancing the vision, values and issues of the Democratic Party at the national, state and local level through both short and long term capacity building.

The OCDP is currently searching for an Executive Director to lead and support the political priorities and projects of the Party in Oakland County.

The ideal candidate will have a sincere interest in doing and be able to demonstrate their experience and skills in many of the following areas outlined below.


Fundraising and Finance– Lead OCDP fundraising efforts to meet party goals and to ensure that salary and operating expenses are met. Coordinate with the Finance Committee to participate in activities including budgeting and fundraising.  Develop and maintain strong professional relationships with current and prospective donors.  Arrange a regular weekly call-time with the Chair and/or Elected Officials for fundraising.  Build new relationships with partners and other like-minded organizations.  Coordinate with the OCDP standing committees to work to expand and maintain an active base of OCDP paid members.  Ensure compliance with all state and federal campaign finance regulations and timely payment of all OCDP financial obligations.

Management- Ensure efficient day-to-day party operations, including but not limited to employee personnel policies and office equipment.  Supervise all paid staff and contractors.  Maintain a competitive and transparent selection of vendors utilizing best practices as set by the audit committee and execute the OCDP budget.  Perform periodic reviews on a semi-annual basis for paid staff, prepare development plans, and support training needs.  Participate in periodic (semi-annual) ED reviews by a committee appointed by the County Chair and approved by the Officer’s Committee.  Organize all meetings of the Officer’s Committee, Executive Committee and the Audit Committee as required by the OCDP bylaws. Review and restructure staff functions and responsibilities as necessary in consultation with the Chair and approved by the Officer’s Committee.  Maintain the robustness and continuity of infrastructure including, but not limited to computer systems and data to ensure a seamless transition of the organization through changes in leadership. 

Leadership and Communication- Build an effective OCDP party infrastructure. Develop and maintain strong relationships with the Michigan Democratic Party and local Democratic clubs, partner organizations, current and former candidates and elected officials. Coordinate with the Communications Committee and Director of Operations to ensure that OCDP written and oral communications are accurate and timely.  Oversee all communications platforms including email, text, social media, website and the mobile app. Manage traditional communication channels such as press releases and media contacts.  Maintain a high-profile presence in the community including attendance at events and participation in state and local party meetings.  Ensure that the OCDP presents a strong and positive image.

Electoral Programs- Prepare for all aspects of elections including state of the art campaign techniques, campaign planning, targeting and compliance with election law.  Develop and manage programs for electoral canvassing and Get Out the Vote (GOTV).  Organize effective programs to utilize existing volunteer networks and build OCDP membership with an eye toward engaging, training and retaining volunteers and maintain an active database of volunteers.  Coordinate voter registration drives with a concentration on under participating groups, moderate-to-high turnover neighborhoods and young people.  Organize canvasses and phonebanks to oversee coordinated efforts with state and local party officials.  Utilize Voter Activation Network (VAN) database to maintain accurate and up-to-date voter file records.


The OCDP Executive Director will be the anchor of our organizational operations and has to be someone who can handle working in a sometimes stressful, hectic and politically charged work environment.

Ideal Candidates will have:

A Commitment to the Democratic Party and Our Values – Our Director is expected to have demonstrated a commitment to Democratic values and/or the Democratic Party through volunteering for candidates, issue-based campaigns or other projects. We expect the Director to believe in and live Democratic values. The Director needs to be able to prioritize promoting a welcome, open and affirming environment for diverse people from all backgrounds. The Director must be a leader at promoting respect and communication.

A Strong, Reliable Work Ethic – The person who is selected for this position must have a “fill-the-void,” attitude and be willing to work long and irregular hours at times.

A Desire for Personal Development and Self Improvement – The Director must be open to constructive criticism, welcome critiques, feedback, and be willing to adhere to a yearly evaluation. The Director must also be willing to receive and use training to support their personal development as needed.

Women, people of color, and LGBTQ persons are strongly encouraged to apply. Spanish, Arabic and other language fluency (along with English) is highly valued as well.


This is a full time salaried position with benefits.  Competitive baseline salary of $55-75K depending on experience.  There is additional bonus pay that is tied to performance.   The Executive Director is expected to work out of our Madison Heights office.  

This is not an “election cycle” position and we are seeking a person who will make a minimum of a one year and ideally a three year commitment.


Please send a current resume, cover letter expressing interest in the position and relevant experience and provide three references, attention to: Jody LaMacchia at CHAIR@OCDP.ORG.

Applicants will be reviewed as received. Target date for an offer to be made: June 1st 2021. Applications close on Friday May 21, 2021 at 5 PM EST