Doctors Call on GOP to stop holding COVID Vaccine Funds

This is a prime and disgusting example of elections having dire consequences. Last November Democrats celebrated one the most consequential victories in the history of presidential elections -- and Michigan was instrumental in delivering that huge win. But we fell sorely short with our own state legislature and couldn't manage to flip the Michigan House; Republicans have a narrow four-seat majority there and an even slimmer three-seat majority in the State Senate. So this is what we get. Self-absorbed, ideologically driven extremists holding the governor hostage to their outrageous demands to strip power from the executive branch. Using life-saving COVID-19 relief funds as poker chips, which means using actual lives as poker chips. Employing nefarious tactics to bury unrelated, un-democratic power grabs in bills. Spending undisclosed amounts of our tax dollars to sue Gov. Whitmer, for the second time in less than a year. Trying to neuter the Department of Health and Human Services during a pandemic that's already claimed nearly 16,000 lives in our state with a case rate that for the last three weeks has been increasing, with frightening virus variants on the rise. Physicians are outraged. We the people of our great state are outraged. And we as Democrats must channel our anger to action and turn the State House and Senate blue in 2022.

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