Officers-At-Large Appointments

Officers-At-Large Appointments

January 1st marked my first official day as Oakland County Democratic Party Chair, and I am so excited to get to work.

One of my first duties as OCDP Chair is to appoint the remaining Officers for the 2021-2022 cycle. According to our Bylaws (Article IV, Section 2, Sub-Section 9 and Article IV, Section 4, Sub-Section 11), the Chair appoints six At-Large Officers, and may appoint a Sergeant-At-Arms at their discretion. I wanted to announce these appointments ahead of the Executive Committee Meeting so that our officers positions are full for the upcoming meeting, and so that we can get right to work on all of the great plans for this year.

I would like to introduce you to the newly-appointed officers:

Sergeant-At-Arms: Anthony Grillo

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Dana Fortier

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Tom Regan

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Jessica Lumbreras

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Regina Strong

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Melanie Hartman

Officer-At-Large, Appointed: Francine Melotti

You can find a full list of our 2021-2022 Officers, and you can read about their role in the OCDP in our Bylaws, here:


Jody LaMacchia