Luther King Jr. Day Statement

FARMINGTON  - Today County Party Chair David Woodward issued the following statement regarding Martin Luther King Jr. Day: “The County Democratic Party joins citizens all across Michigan and America today in remembrance of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. King’s practice of non-violent civil disobedience was crucial to achieve many milestones for the civil rights movement.”

“His work towards tolerance and racial equality is still as powerful today as the day he uttered the words ‘I have a dream.’ While there are many accomplishments to celebrate and reflect on, unfortunately Dr. King’s dream is not a reality for all Michigan citizens yet. The civil rights movement in Michigan was dealt a serious blow with the passage of proposal 2. There is no better day to increase the dialogue on how to move forward and combat institutional racism and discrimination in our society.”

Michigan Congressman John Conyers (D-Detroit) first introduced legislation for a federal King Holiday four days after Dr. King was assassinated in 1968. The bill stalled, but Conyers continuously resubmitted King Holiday legislation until public pressure mounted and Congress finally passed the holiday legislation in 1983.