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Thursday, November 18, 2021 - 7:00pm
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TDC Membership Meeting

7:00-8:00 pm, Thurs November 18 , 2021 via zoom

  1. Call to Order- Chair
  2. Roll call of officers - Recording Secretary
  3. Approval of Minutes from the previous meeting
  4. Reports of officers -1-2 minutes each

                4.1.        Chair

                4.2.        Vice Chair

                4.3.        Treasurer

                4.4.        Recording Secretary

                4.5.        Corresponding Secretary

                4.6.        Trustees

  1. Committee Reports - up to 1-2 minutes each
  2. Unfinished business

Please continue to follow the Redistricting process and voice your opinion.

  1. Postponed business

                7.1.        Congratulations to David Hamilton and Rebecca Chamberlain-Creanga for their re-election to Troy City council.  Thanks to Mahendra Kenkre and all the volunteers.

                7.2.        TDC participation in Troy Frightful 5k run was a great success. Thanks to Kate Goodin and all the volunteers



  1. New business /Speakers

                8.1.        Open discussion:  What are our priorities for 2022. 7:15-7:40

                            8.1.1.        Democrats have no room for complacency in 2022. We are tired after a very hard-fought victory in 2022.  How do we get the energy and enthusiasm back here in Troy?

                            8.1.2.        We need to keep an eye on school board election as Republicans are making CRT a major election issue. What can TDC do?

                            8.1.3.        Redistricting may could result in Troy being part of a new senate seat without a incumbent.


                     8.2.            Representative Padma Kuppa (MI District 41) 7:40-7:50. Legislative updates.

                     8.3.            Recap from City Council election results

  1. Good and Welfare
  2. Adjournment 

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