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Volunteer with Forgotten Harvest

Forgotten Harvest is looking for volunteers to help collect donations, create engagement with customers, and help unload vehicle and put the food in bins at the Kroger's First Responders Food Drive.

This opportunity will take place on Saturday, August 7 with two-time opportunities - 10:45am - 1pm or 12:45-3pm. Please CLICK BELOW to register-


Age Requirement

Volunteers must be at least 10 years of age. Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone.

Dress Code

You will be working outside, so please dress appropriately. We ask that you not wear any t-shirts that may be viewed as offensive, if you have a Forgotten Harvest t-shirt, please feel free to wear.

Instructions for the event will be sent a few days before your volunteer date

Questions? Contact the volunteer department at 248-967-1500 or volunteer@forgottenharvest.org.

Volunteer with Michigan Justice Advocacy
If you have not had a chance to sign our petition, please click here and sign today! Sign on and show your support for The Good Time Makes Good Sense Initiative.


You will be passing out postcards, asking people to sign our electronic petition and answering questions. We look forward to you joining us!

Phone Bank

Sign up to help call/text people about Michigan Justice Advocacy and our "Good Time makes Good Sense" campaign.

Help New Voters Register to Vote
Help new voters register to vote by sending postcards through The Civics Center. Civics Center postcards include a QR code that enables recipients to easily access a voter registration portal. If voters register through the portal, Civics Center can then send reminders to vote. (Civics Center does not provide names and addresses to other organizations.) To participate, volunteers make a donation to obtain the specially coded postcards; they can then send the postcards themselves or direct their donations to fund the efforts of other postcard writers. The use of QR codes and computerized follow-up is more expensive; hence, the request for donations. If this sounds interesting to you, learn more and sign up by clicking here.
Volunteer With The Novi Rotary Foundation's Feed The Need
FTN is back this year to see the children and provide a much needed service to the community. The continued success of the program would not be possible without your donations, faith, support, advocacy, love, volunteerism and partnership. The children we are privileged to serve have a wonderful summer ahead and we are happy to have the opportunity to connect again through play, exploration and discovery.   
We are not taking any food donations this year, however monetary donations are always welcome to ensure the feasibility and sustainability of the FTN program.
Location- IN PERSON Monday- Friday at Parkview Elem School. 45285 West 11 mile Rd, Novi Mi 48374
11:30 am to 1:30 pm
June 14th to August 25th
Locations-Satellite Distribution THURSDAYS ONLY 
10:00-10:30 am FOOD Kits 
June 17- August 26th (each week Thursdays only)
Oakland Glens Park Mobile Homes
Country Cousin Mobile Home
Novi Ridge Apartments
Highland Hills Mobile Homes
Novi Meadows Mobile Homes
Pavilion Court Apartments
If you have any questions, please visit the www.feedtheneednovi.org website. 

Volunteer With Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan
Stay updated on all our events statewide here.

Readers Resist: Her Body and Other Parties Discussion

Join Planned Parenthood supporters from around Michigan in a discussion on Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. Readers Resist believes in the transformative and healing powers of reading, thoughtful dialogue, and community. Reading can be a form of resistance against the pressure to constantly perform, work, or create something new— we are embracing rest. This is a low pressure space where the goal is to engage together around stories, experiences, and lessons. All are welcome at each quarterly meeting, whether you finish the book or not! Reach out to Oakland County Community Organizer Patty Durell with questions: patty.durell@ppmi.org

Stop Voter Suppression!

A dozen Republican caucus members introduced 39 bills in the Michigan Senate as part of a giant anti-voter package. These bills are similar to legislation being introduced across the country. 

Hidden in these 39 bills are a handful of unnecessary barriers for eligible people to vote and will suppress access to the ballot including: 

  • Requiring voters to carry a specific form of photo ID with them on Election Day and banning the ability for a voter to sign an affidavit if they forget their ID
  • Requiring voters to request their absentee ballot with a specific photo ID or a copy of one
  • Removing voters’ ability to drop their absentee ballot in a secure drop box after 5PM the night before Election Day
  • Forcing voters to pay to return their absentee ballot by mail by banning clerks from providing pre-paid postage on the return envelope
  • Banning nonpartisan poll observers on Election Day by only allowing partisan operatives to observe the polls

We know that these 39 bills are just the start and that there is a plan for even more bills that create higher barriers for eligible people to needlessly jump in order to exercise their constitutional right to vote. 

Michigan Republicans have introduced 39 bills that will make it much harder to vote.

Why are these bills are problem?

  1. Requires those voting by mail to include a copy of photo ID with their ballot: most people do not have easy access to a copier, making this an unnecessary burden for them.

  2. Limits voters' use of drop boxes, prohibits pre-paid postage on absentee ballot return envelopes and bars the SOS from sending absentee ballot applications to voters: these are unnecessary restrictions that discourage voters from voting absentee. 

  3. Gives unelected County Boards of Canvassers, whose role is to canvass the votes and certify our elections, discretionary powers over drop boxes, absentee ball containers and the clerks' hiring of assistants to help conduct the canvass: County Boards of Canvassers shouldn't have the authority to nix or limit drop boxes, disapprove absentee ballot containers or get involved in clerks' personal decisions.

These are just SOME of the problems with the proposed bills. Read more from the MDP about these bills here

The MDP is encouraging county parties, clubs and caucuses to send letters to the editor about the GOP’s proposed legislation to limit voting rights. These letters will be most effective if they incorporate local concerns and voices.
  • Michigan voters have already spoken: in 2018, 67% of our state’s voters passed Proposal 3, the most comprehensive expansion of voting rights in the state’s history. This constitutional amendment passed in 80 of our 83 counties.* (Three counties were Proposal 3 did not pass - Huron, Missaukee, and Montmorency)
  • The Proposal 3 reforms led to record high voter turnout in 2020, including a record number of absentee ballots cast. We should be celebrating and expanding on these successes. 
  • Our Secretary of State, Jocelyn Benson, has said that the 2020 elections were among the safest and most secure elections in Michigan's history, and more than 250 audits of the November election confirmed the results.
  • The 39-bill package introduced by Senate Republicans, without a single Democratic co-sponsor, is not a good-faith effort to improve our elections. It’s just their latest incarnation of the Big Lie that the November 2020 election was rigged.  
  • The bills create unnecessary barriers to absentee and in-person voting, and would disproportionately burden elderly, poor, disabled, and minority voters. 
  • The bills would also encourage intimidation of voters and election workers, hamper the work of election officials, and increase toxic partisan interference in election administration. 
  • It’s clear that the MIGOP is scared of protecting access to the ballot box -- so their impulse is to roll it back. They know that when everyone votes, Democrats win.
  • Democrats are committed to protecting voting rights in accordance with the will of the people.
  • The GOP has organized attacks on voting rights in a number of battleground states. We can collectively stop them and increase electoral integrity in every state if Congress passes the For the People Act (HR1, S1).
  • Seeking to bring integrity and trust back into our election process, the For the People Act is a commonsense, comprehensive package of reforms that are long overdue.
  • This bill would help expand early and absentee voting safely and securely, removing barriers for more vulnerable populations, including veterans and seniors, and easing their participation in the democratic process.
  • The bill would also modernize voter registration and eliminate the often-flawed process of voter purging while at the same time helping states to update voting equipment to ensure safety.
  • Beyond expanding voting opportunities and securing the ballot box, the For the People Act would also help elevate the voices of everyday Michiganders by strengthening campaign finance and anti-corruption laws.

We are calling Democrats in Oakland County and asking them to contact their own State Senators Ruth Johnson and Jim Runestad and tell them to oppose these bills that only serve to suppress the vote! Making these calls also gives you the opportunity to educate democrats about these bills. These are the easiest and most pleasant phone calls you could make.

  1. Make calls from the safety and comfort of your home. All you need is a phone and a PC, laptop, or tablet.
  2. Copy and paste the link into your browser. Google Chrome works best.
  3. If you do not have an Action ID, create one using your email address and password.
  4. When you log in, you will see the script with the voter's name and phone number.
  5. Make calls any day, 10 am - 8 pm. You cannot access the list before or after these hours.
  6. Please leave a voice message.

Senator Ruth Johnson's constituent phone bank list: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/BDA8D4J-527535

Senator Jim Runestad's constituents phone bank list: https://www.openvpb.com/vpb_bycode/0EA8D4O-780454