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Call Oakland County Voters who may be removed from the voter roll!

The Michigan Democratic Party received a list from the Secretary of State of people who are on a list to be removed from the Voter Registration File in Oakland County.

They have set up a virtual phone bank to call these people and ask them to take action to remain on the voter roll. There are 7,142 people on the list so we need your help to reach out to them and make sure that they are registered!

To join the Virtual Phone Bank, click here!


  • Caller needs a phone, PC, laptop, or tablet
  • Google chrome works best for the phone bank
  • If you do not have an Action ID, create one using your email address and password
  • Start making calls now, 10am - 8pm
  • We recommend that you do not leave messages because there are so many people on the list


Background info: The Secretary of State is required by the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 to remove Voter Registrations from inactive voters and maintain the state voter file (in Michigan this is called the Qualified Voter File or QVF). It is not some nefarious voter suppression tactic. This is a normal and required action. For the first time ever, the Secretary of State's office has made the list of potential deactivations public and available to us. 

The data team at MDP has narrowed this list to include only Democratic voters or likely Democratic voters. 

There are four main reasons that people have been added to the annual list. Obviously, death is reason to remove voter registrations. Those who have deceased have been removed from our list of follow-up calls. ALL of those that remain were mailed a postcard or letter from the Secretary of State. Some were returned as undeliverable mail, some required action from the voter to send a card back to their clerk or Sec. of State but did not do so, and some have applied for driver's licenses in another state (thus surrendering their Michigan driver's license).

The Virtual Phone Bank is open now through March 1st! Help us reach out to Oakland County voters!

For more information from MDP, click here.

For Phone Bank instructions, click here.