Purchase Tickets for Phil Hart Dinner

Stay tuned for the 60th Annual Phil Hart Dinner date in 2020!

What is the Phil Hart Dinner?

The Phil Hart Dinner is one of the largest Democratic events in Michigan, and the largest event sponsored by a County Democratic Party. This will be the 59th annual dinner hosted by the OCDP, and we hope to use the upcoming dinner to focus and energize Democrats across the region, to emphasize the importance that Oakland County will have next year.

Who was Philip A. Hart?

The late U.S. Senator Phil Hart was a lifelong Oakland County resident, and an exemplary public servant. He represented the state and county by demonstrating the best democratic qualities, evident in his legacy as the “Conscience of the Senate.”

Why should you be there?

The 59th Annual Phil Hart Dinner is going to be one of the largest gatherings of Democrats in the state, and the best opportunity to communicate with key leaders in one of the most crucial counties in the nation.