Oakland BoC Chair Dave Woodward Response to the State of the County address

Dave Woodward, Chair, Oakland County Board of Commissioners, February 7, 2019

It’s a new day in Oakland County.

Last November, Oakland County voters sent a message by electing new progressive leadership and sending a majority of Democrats to the Oakland county board of commissioners for the first time in nearly 50 years.  

We now have a governing body that shares the values of our residents, and we intend to lead from those values.

OCDP County Convention rescheduled to December

Dear Fellow Democrats,

It has become clear that the original Call to Convention that was supposed to be sent on November 13th was not properly mailed. Our goal as Democrats is always to open our party and welcome all who want to participate. Without proper notice, this is not possible. 

As a result, I have consulted with the Michigan Democratic Party and received permission to reschedule our Convention so that everyone can receive proper two weeks notice. We must have our Convention before the end of the year, so please stay tuned for the new date and time.

Mike Bishop misrepresents his support for Pre-Existing Conditions in the ACA

Here in Michigan, while I'm pretty sure all nine of our Republican members of Congress who voted for the AHCA last year are lying through their teeth about how they suddenly support "protecting coverage of pre-existing conditions", the one which seems to be getting the most attention is Mike Bishop (MI-08). Part of this is no doubt because Bishop is embroiled in one of the two closest races in the state (the other is MI-11, where Dave Trott also voted for the AHCA, but he's retiring so it's an open seat).




Hillary for America is recruiting volunteers to observe the 2016 presidential vote recount in Oakland County.  The recount likely will begin Monday, December 5. This effort will require at lease 225 observer shifts each day until the count ends. While it is not our job to challenge the count, Secretary Clinton believes that it is important for us to have observers present.