Income Inequality

"The 2015 Economic Report of the President focuses squarely on the challenges of rising income inequality and stagnant wages for average families. The need for “middle-class economics,” not any near-term push to shrink government debt and deficits, dominates its 414 pages." - New York Times Feb. 19 2015

President Obama's approach to economic policies, what he termed “middle-class economics,” was designed to improve these elements and ensure that Americans of all income levels share in the accelerating recovery.

However, because the process of globalization spurs the shifting of resources within national economies, it can also create challenges in areas like income inequality. For this reason, it is critical that globalization is managed—in terms of both the types of trade agreements the United States enters into and the domestic policies that are in place—in a way that ensures that more Americans can take advantage of the opportunities afforded by trade, while being better insulated from any challenges trade creates.