Berkley Democratic Club

Cities Berkley
Chairperson Jessica Lumbreras
Meeting Schedule The 4th Wednesday 
Meeting Time 6:30 pm
Meeting Location Berkley Public Library
Admission Free and Open to the Public
Phone (989) 780-1176
OCDP Executive Committee Members Tomiko Gumbleton, Ryan Gesund, Mark Richardson

Additional Information

As an active community of progressive citizens in Berkley, Michigan, we celebrate this opportunity to stay in touch and reach out to like-minded individuals around the corner and around the world.

Club History

berkely_photo1The end of the 1940's saw the completion of the housing stock that is the city of Berkley. However, it was not until the rising tide of enthusiasm that followed the election of John F. Kennedy that the Berkley Democratic Club came into existence. The optimism and turbulence of the 1960's saw the fledgling club nurtured into place by Berkley resident Sandy Levin. Others helped for the next ten years but Sandy provided the drive and inspiration that set the club on a secure footing.

By 1971, Roy Daniel became the club chair and held that role for the next two years. The chairmanship of the club changed hands for the next three years as Bob Sawyer took over the leadership position. From 1975 to 1986 former Berkley Councilman Ralph O Conklin steered the ship with diligence and attention to detail. When Conklin was elected to City Council he turned the reins over to Solomon Frusto who served as Chair for the next two years. In 1990 Dr. Phil O'Dwyer was elected club chair, a position he has held for the last 15 years.

A review of club history reveals that several others served in a variety of offices. Among these were: James Brennan, Pat Salamanca, Arthur Currivean, Don Oleksinski, Karen White, Jim Mirk, Henry Gram, Judge Bill Sauer, and David Marriott. One servant of the club and party is distinguished by years of service: Dorothy Mirk served as secretary from 1975 to 1997. Her service to the city, county, and state party is truly exemplary.

There were others, too, who worked hard to advance the principles of the Democratic Party. In this respect we are especially proud of our association with Congressman Sandy Levin whose personal service to our country continues to be an inspiration.

Over the years the club has been an active Democratic presence in the community. It has maintained an enthusiastic cadre of dedicated people committed to the principles that made America great. We are confident that those who have gone to their eternal reward have heard the comforting words: "Well done good and faithful servant..."

To those who continue to strive to promote a nation of tolerance and respect; a nation that cares for the poor and the elderly; a nation that values and funds education; a nation that seeks to lead in the world and not impose its will on others; a nation that seeks justice and peace we say welcome to our ranks. Your cause is our cause; together let us work to create a secure city, a vibrant state and a tolerant nation. It is what those who went before us worked to implement; let these values not pass from the land on our watch.